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LogoThe Middle East has never been a region which one would associate with peace and stability. The Arab-Israeli conflict held the region in it’s claws since 1948 and caused great grievances on both sides. But not enough, in 2011 Syria took over the front-page of the worldwide news. The conflict between the government, namely Bashar al-Assad and his cabinet, and a diverted opposition is from day to day becoming  less clear; it is almost impossible to draw a line between the opponents and keep track with various factions.
A new actor climbed the political stage, almost unnoticed by the international community: the Islamic State. This terror-organisation, which changed its name various times since the foundation in 2004, aims to erect a Caliphate in the territories of Iraq and Syria under Islamic law. It originates from the Iraqi resistance against all foreign military troops in Iraq and currently fights not only them but the Syrian government, the Syrian opposition, the Kurds in Iraq and al-Qaida, just to name a few. What makes this organisation so strong and successful that it could bring the northern parts of Iraq and Syria under its control?
The majority among the international community reacted to the cruelties and human rights violations with disbelief and a surprising lack of unity on the international level for a long time. US-President Obama announced an international coalition against the Islamic State.
And now, it is your turn to take the matter in your own hands!


The Islamic State is going to be the topic of the Konstanz Interactive Crisis Simulation (KICSim), which will be held from the 28.11. – 30.11.2014 at the University of Konstanz.

During the KICSim you will be able to simulate this conflict by playing the role of important leaders participating in the struggle for power and sovereignty. You can make the decision about military actions and diplomatic negotiations. You will discuss possible measurements within your committee and interact with other committees. You have the power to execute the necessary measures in your role as a secretary of defence, as the head of the central bank or as a head of  military troops. The Mastermind will determine the state of the world and will challenge your committee with several problems and surprises during the KICSim. These sudden changes and major challenges for the International Community in the Middle East make this KICSim very exciting and will give you the opportunity to discuss with your partners in order to change the world.

The delegation fee will be €20. This fee include free lunch. End of registration will be the 16th November, 2014.

 The Governments simulated this year are:



Islamic State

Iraqi Kurdistan


During daylight, you are a professional politician; at night you can be yourself. We have extraordinary social events planned for the weekend! It all starts with a Pub Crawl through Konstanz…Be surprised what will be next. During the conference you have the possibility to stay with students for free!

We are looking forward to seeing you at lake Constance this year!

Registeration is closed by now.

For further questions feel free to contact us by e-mail: Crisis.Konstanz.2014@gmail.com

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