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Konstanz Crisis Simulation 2013

Oktober 1, 2013

Who do we want to rule Syria?


Starting in 2011 the political stability on the Arabian peninsula erupted as the people rose up and overthrew the Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan governments. Following this example the Syrian people started demanding a more democratic government and dictator Asssad’s demission but he  refused to step down. Instead he stroke down the protests with his military. Yet the protesters decided to fight back and they were able to capture a couple of Syrian cities such as Homs. The civil war had begun and it has been a back and for affair over the last months but recently the Syrian army was able to gain ground and regain the control over a couple of areas but the conflict is still looming and neither party is willing to end it.
The conflict effects the entire Arabian region and the regional powers, who got involved in this conflict, because they want to gain more influence and strengthen their religion.  The state of Syria is dominated by the Sunnites but since Assad runs a secular government, the religious minorities like Christians and Shiites can practice their religion and are not subject of religious oppression while the Sunnites can not establish their religion as a state religion. That is why Iran and the Hezbollah, who are dominated by the Shiites, strongly support Baschar Al-Assad, while the Sunnites led by Saudi-Arabia and the Al-Nusra Front, the Syrian partner of Al-Quaida, want to overthrow the government. Their is also a secular, democratic-orientated opposition fighting against Dictator Assad, the National Coalition. Its main supporters are the USA and Turkey. Because of their differences the rebel groups fight each other as well.
The height of this civil war was reached in August 2013, when rumours about the use of chemical weapons spread around the world. The UN later confirmed that chemical weapons were used.  The USA claimed they had proof that the regime of Bashar Al-Assad used the chemical weapons against its own population, while the regime itself along with Russia denied that and accused the rebels of using the chemical weapons to force the USA along with its allies to invade in Syria and overthrow the goverment. The disagreement of Russia and the USA in this matter is part of severe diplomatic tension between the two superpowers at the moment.
After days of negotiations an agreement was reached, which stated that Syria will destroy its chemical weapons under UN supervision. Still the fighting continues and it remains to be seen if all chemical weapons in Syria will be destroyed.

This conflict is going to be the subject of the Konstanz Crisis Simulation (KICSim), which will be hold from the 6.12.2013-8.12.2013 at the University of Konstanz.

During the KICSim you will able to simulate this conflict by playing the role of the important leaders in this conflict. You can make the decision about military actions, diplomatic negotiations etc. by discussing in your committee and interacting with our committees. You have the power to execute the necessary measures in your role as a secretary of defence, as the head of the central bank or as a head of a military troop. The Mastermind will determine the state of the world and will challenge your committee with several problems and surprises during the KICSim. These sudden chances and the big challenges for the world in Syria make this KICSim very exciting and will give you the opportunity to discuss with your partner in order to chance the world.

The committees will be:
– European Counsil for Foreign affairs
– Russia
– Syria
– National Coalition
– Al- Nusra Front

You can register by submitting your name and MUN experience under: KICSim2013@web.de
We are looking forward to seeing you this december.


By Nicolas Heger and Jan Henrik Simon

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